• Recovery outdoor adventures & fun in sobriety
  • Camaraderie and peer support, community meals
  • Weekly in-house 12 step meetings (AA/NA)
  • Nearby grocery, dry cleaning, restaurants and public transportation

  • Located in beautiful Palm Beach County, FL
  • Personal sense of accountability & responsibility
  • Safe, productive and rewarding living environment
  • Onsite professional managers – skills building & critical thinking

  • Access to Step Down IOP offering counseling and recovery coaching by skilled professionals
  • Assistance with volunteer activities and job finding when appropriate in the recovery cycle
  • Connections with recovering Step Down Alumni and the local recovering community

Having Fun In Recovery

One thing that can concern those in recovery is how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. They can have the mindset that without their drug or drink of choice it would be impossible to have any fun. To them it was the abuse of these substances that was synonymous with fun. This is common in early recovery and is also a reason for relapse, but doesn’t have to be. You can have fun in sobriety. Looking back, you will see that it is ever so much more an experience than the fun you had while high or drunk.

Our IOP and sober living at Step Down includes intensive therapy and treatment programs, but it also involves a bunch of therapeutic elements to teach our residents how to have fun in recovery. There is so much to life that cannot be experienced in pill form or at the bottom of a bottle. You can and will find this as you continue your sobriety and work your program. Find the thing that you want to do with your life, something constructive or something you are interested in, and see how it blesses and changes you!