About Us

Step Down was created when Melissa Thomas worked at an inpatient treatment center. With keen observation she realized that clients needed more than just a 28 day program after leaving the treatment center and returning back to society. Melissa felt that clients needed a step down component after treatment in order to process and deal with unresolved feelings and emotions they were experiencing.

Melissa observed that going from a controlled and secluded environment into a half-way house with complete freedom was proving to be detrimental to their recovery. Let’s face it, addiction comes gradually starting with experimental use, then slowly the abuse stage creeps in were drugs or alcohol change appearances from Want to a Need.

Some addicts can be very manipulative sometimes resorting to criminal actives, lying, steeling, and even postulation to support an addiction habit. This kind of behavior leads to devastation; braking the hearts of their family members. I’m sure if your reading this you can relate and understand what is being said.
Step Down’s Dynamic staff focus much attention on finding solutions, we take a well-balanced holistic approach by addressing Mind Body and Soul. We provide individuals with a way to conquer their addictions and find happiness in their lives once again. Recovery is not a dream, it is a reality that can be achieved!

Meet The Owner

Melissa Thomas

President & CEO
Melissa has worked with people in recovery both on a personal level as well as professionally since 2002. Known for being open and honest, Melissa has a passion for helping others and treats every person with dignity and empathy. Her own personal journey through recovery has given her immeasurable insight and she is proud to share her clean date, March 1st 2001. She is focused on sharing her experience, strength and hope to all those in need.

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She began her career as a Residential Housing Manager at a 34-bed facility in West Palm Beach. She went on to become a Detox Tech at an all-women’s treatment facility in Delray Beach, where she also began her formal education in topics such as Domestic Violence, CPR, HIV, Aggression Control & De-Escalation, Environmental Safety, Women’s Issues, Relapse Prevention, and Infectious Disease Control.

Melissa helped to establish several new halfway houses throughout Palm Beach County. In 2010, Melissa went on to become a supervisor of the support staff at a local treatment center. She left there to pursue her dream to open her own facilities. In July of 2012, Melissa opened up our current Intensive Outpatient Program, Step Down, Inc.

In 2004 and 2005, Melissa held a Resident Manager position at an Intensive Outpatient Program in Delray Beach. To enhance her experience in the recovery field she went on to a position at Columbia Hospital’s Acute Care Unit. This experience enabled her to better understand and provide for the complex treatment needs of Dual Diagnosis patients.

Client Testimonials

“I recommend Step Down Residences to both male and females who are ready to start a long term life without alcohol or drugs. It is a beautiful life. Many resources are available to those who are looking for a way out of the darkness of addiction. I have tried several treatment centers and I feel I have at last found the right sober living environment for continued sobriety. Thanks Step Down!”

~Christopher J.

“When I arrived at Step Down Residences, I was greeted with overwhelming kindness and positive direction. The houses are surrounded by a welcoming community of recovery. As I live at Step Down, I continue to work my recovery program and I have hope for the future and a peace of mind. Thank you so much Step Down!”

~Gary L.